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BendGame is for you, the gamer.  Multiplayer gaming has become highly competitive, to maintain an edge you must be quick to adapt.  Quick reflexes are no longer enough to consistently win.  To truly dominate, you must have elite tactics in your gameplay.  BendGame gives you those tactics.  BendGame is for the gamer who wants to completely dominate the competition, all of the time. 



10 Ways to easily improve your Multiplayer Shooter game performance


Tweak your sound: Most TV’s are set so that sound comes out relatively evenly.  If you want an edge on your opponents: go to sound settings, navigate to sound equalizer (or something similar) you will see sound levels in Hz, turn up your 120 Hz sound to be substantially higher than other sounds.


Why this works… 120 Hz is the lowest pitch sound category. Gunshots and footsteps fall into this Hz range.  Most games have built in sound leveling to minimize the advantage of having gaming headphones or surround sound to keep things fair.  This counteracts what programmers try to do and gives you a huge edge!



Tweak your picture: With your picture, two things are important: contrast and framerate.  Modern tv’s tend to sacrifice framerate for graphics, this is fantastic for movies but for multiplayer shooter gaming you don’t want any compromises in framerate.  To fix this problem select “menu” with your remote, navigate to picture settings and switch to “gaming” mode if you have one.  As for contrast, navigate to “menu” again then “picture settings” then turn up contrast.  Contrast separates one color from another, so the guy wearing camo across the map sticks out like a sore thumb!


Why this works… Ever think (or yell) “Wow I totally hit that guy” when the game seems to think you didn’t?  This is why this happens about 50% of the time (the other 50% being connection speed which is covered later).  As for contrast, it helps visually parse out the enemies from the background.



Find your ideal controller sensitivity. DON’T SETTLE FOR DEFAULT SENSITIVITY!!! This one is huge! Many gamers simply do not consider their controller sensitivity.  Most default sensitivities are SLOW!  This is to accommodate all gamers even those with slow reflexes.  If you game odds are high that your sensitivity is not high enough to match your ability.  (Beware a sensitivity which is too high can also mess you up).

How to change sensitivity:  Go to game options (often found in main menu, sometimes found by pressing pause in game).  Navigate to “controller” or “controller settings”, then navigate to “sensitivity or “controller sensitivity” and change the number.  Typically a scale of 1 to 10 is used, the higher the number the faster your reticule will move.



Be aware of the type of randoms you will play against.  Often the skill of your opponents will depend on the time of day you play.  If you lack experience, try playing easier opponents to give yourself a chance to learn.

Types of players

7:00 am to 9:00 am- Casual gamers, kids before school (Rating: Easy)

9:00 am to 4:00 pm- Stay at home gamers, hardcore gamers (usually not clanned up) (Rating: Medium)

4:00 pm to 9:00 pm- Casual gamers, casual clans, kids (Rating: Easy- Medium)

9:00 pm to 2:00 am- Hardcore Gamers, Hardcore Clans (Rating: Hard)

2:00 am to 7:00 am- Insomniacs (Rating: Medium)



Anger is PREDICTABLE! The most skilled gamers often are also the most spiteful.  If you get a kill on the other team’s MVP or a guy who was talking trash in the lobby;

1) relocate to a slightly different location

2) wait for the player to return

3) get another easy kill

4) delete hatemail



Look for “Jack of All Trades” loadouts: normally, it pays to be ready for every situation, specialty weapons are only good with an average weapon to protect from unplanned situations.

Think about the most often way you are killed when sniping; is it enemy snipers? Probably not, chances are it is a guy with a shotgun or close range weapon that sneaks up on you.



Accept/send invites if you are alone: for a number of reasons, playing in a squad is better than playing alone.  If you get an invite, you were probably selected for your skill, so join up with other similarly skilled players and feel the difference learning from others and winning momentum can make in your personal performance!



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